Far Cry Trilogy – Deal Of The Century?

US retailer Gamestop are selling Far Cry, Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 for a grant total of $4.94.

You read that right, the Far Cry trilogy, excluding the spin-off games, is being sold for under £5.

If all three games for under £5 isn’t enough however, you can get the special editions for Far Cry 2 and 3 buy buying the trilogy. Far Cry 2 comes with the Fortune Edition and Far Cry 3 comes the Deluxe Edition featuring The Lost Expedition pack, the Monkey Business pack and more. 

Eurogamer have verified whether player can in fact download the game buy paying for the game via VISA Debit Card. Whilst it’s converted to Sterling from Dollars, players look to be able to buy it from overseas. However, to do so, you have to download the Gametop app as well as Gamestop’s US Steam store.In the meantime, you can check out our review for Far Cry 3. It’s fair to say we liked it quite a bit.

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