BattleFront Online Surfaces

Star Wars Battlefront Online, an online version of the much loved Star Wars Battlefront series, has had concept art for the game leaked online.

The bad news is, the game was cancelled before very seeing the light of day. Slant Six Games, the developer behind SOCOM: Confrontation and Resident Evil: Racoon City were the team hired to get this project through the door before Lucasarts cancelled it for unknown reasons.


Battlefront Online was an entirely different game from Battlefront III, that latter having many various pre-alpha leaks showing gameplay that were soon taken down by Lucasarts on Youtube. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a Battlefront sequel anytime soon. Disney said during their acquisition of Lucasarts as well as Lucasfilm that they would have the developer working on social and mobile games with any other Star Wars properties shipped off to external developers in the future. Star Wars 1313 will remain in the hands of Lucasarts for the time being however.


Source: Siliconera.

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