The First Details About Dark Souls II Are Here!

The announcement of Dark Souls II last week at the VGA awards blew people away. It came totally unexpected, and gamers are once again looking forward to spend even more hours trying to “get past” that Game Over-screen, the Souls series is notorious for.

Now, the first details about Dark Souls’ sequel have come out via EDGE’s latest issue, and a ton of information has already been transcribed from the magazine.

Here are the details:

– Edge says they were shown a 10 minute playthrough of Dark Souls 2, and it is a huge step forward graphically. It looks on par with Watch Dogs and Star Wars 1313 in terms of “next-gen”-ness, or so they claim.

– Miyazaki is not working on the development of Dark Souls 2. He is not a director or producer, and is merely a “supervisor”.

– Even as a supervisor, he isn’t making any development decisions. He only tried to reinforce the team’s commitment to releasing things on time, because of the bad experience they had with the patches in Dark Souls, and he also recommended the return to server-based gameplay ala Demon’s Souls.

– The new directors, Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura, are indeed the From Software staff who previously directed the Another Century’s Episode series. The decision to have the two directors replace Miyazaki was a company decision made by both From Software and Namco Bandai Games to help move the series forward in a fresh direction.

– Miyazaki is working full time on directing a new game. He will not disclose if it is a new IP or a sequel to something else.

– Dark Souls 2 will be a direct sequel, and have an open world of about the same size, but more dense with content.

– It does not take place on Lordran. The name of the world is the key of the story, they will reveal it at a later date.

– One thing Shibuya wants to enhance is the action in the game. He feels that he can contribute because of his experience working on action games in the past.

– Shibuya says he wants to make things like the Covenant system clearer and more accessible, and he wants to make the story and messaging less subtle.

– He promises there will still be “hidden” elements in the story and world which can be missed.

– Development started in September last year, and was done in parallel with some of the Dark Souls patches and DLC content.

– The game is 25% complete, and the team is substantially larger than Dark Souls. The world creation internal staff for the sequel is nearly double that of the first game.

– The game might not make it for 2013.

-Miyazaki was disappointed about having to patch Dark Souls, saying that they pushed the game out without being 100% complete. Dark Souls II will be complete when it launches.

-Server based PVP is back.

So! Are you excited about what you read? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Everything

Vlad Pintea quit the first Dark Souls after he barely passed the tutorial, and got killed multiple times in the first area of the game. Maybe he will try it again… maybe. You can contact him via e-mail at or, on Skype, My IGN, Steam (all at the same name: vlad94pintea) or Facebook (Vlad Pintea). Have a good day and remember! Stay calm and keep on gaming!


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