You’re Fooling Nobody Mr. Kojima

If you’re still not convinced that the mysterious title from “Swedish” developer Moby Dick Studio’s, The Phantom Pain is in fact Metal Gear Solid 5, then perhaps this news may sway your argument.

A Facebook fan page has been set up for Joakim Mogren, the founder of Moby Dick studio’s.

“Joakim Mogren is an American who defected to Sweden to make wonderful photo games. He is world renowned game designer who works strictly underground. He is also fond of whales and named his new photo game production company “MobyDick Games.” reads the Facebook bio.


Mogren also provides a background for some of the “famed” developers work.

“Joakim Mogren started out with a 3D rowboat game called “ROBOTOtron 64″, where you play as humanoid mexican robot who had to row his way to secret military fortress to destroy the final weapon Iron Gadget. You had to be careful with rowing or else you will fall over and be electricuted. the game was not very sucesful but now is considered cult favorite now!”

If you haven’t sussed it out from the picture just yet, take a note of Mr. Mogren’s first name. Joakim is an anagram for “Kojima”. The cover photo for the page is a screenshot from the trailer for The Phantom Pain showing the mysterious protagonist being led through the hospital by the man with the burned face. The page also talks of an award bestowed upon Joakim “Kojima” Mogren for being “The Best Photo Game Maker Ever – 20xx”.

Some suspicious looking artwork was posted onto the Facebook page with the caption “Bolid Bake Wants You”. The character in the artwork bears a likely intentional resemblance to the Metal Gear Solid solid character Naked Snake AKA Big Boss. In addition to the artwork, a even more suspicious looking screenshot was posted saying that it was from The Phantom Pain. The screenshot is in fact from the website Moddb under a game called Zombiewarz from Kuraoto media, an independent developer specialising in free-to-play games.

Bolid Bake

“Bolid Bake” not only resembles Naked Snake, he resembles the man seen in the trailer for The Phantom Pain.


At this point, its clear that Kojima is just delaying the inevitable full announcement of the next Metal Gear Solid game. Whilst many, including Analog Addiction have speculated that this could actually be Metal Gear Solid 5, this game is still technically unannounced and it could in fact be Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the game announced in September. At this point, it would be best not to rule anything out.

George Sinclair is an editor for Analog Addiction, the home of the latest news, reviews and previews. You can follow George on Twitter and his blog on IGN. Don’t forget to follow the OFFICIAL Analog Addiction Twitter


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