The Walking Dead: Assault Review

The Walking Dead: Assault is a strategy game on iOS game from Skybound, who also made the board game, which was an unexpected release and adds to The Walking Dead games that have been or will be released. The game itself is based on the graphic novels rather than the television show which is a real strength for the game which I will go into more detail later on in this review.  The premise for each level is the same through; clear the area of ‘walkers’ in the quickest time possible. Within some of the levels you will see iconic locations from both the TV show and the graphic novel, like the tank for example. Within each level it is not just killing walkers or other groups of humans, you have to collect supplies that are used as currency in between missions. Controlling your characters is as simple as double tapping where your selected character is to go or holding your finger and all of your characters will move to the same area.

Photo 30-11-2012 14 21 29

The supplies can be used to improve strengthen your squad through each member having more health or more ammo for example. Or the supplies can be used to unlock a new character who can be selected for the next mission. Each character has their own special ability, which can be used throughout the missions, once reloaded. These add a real tactical element, as they take time before they can be reused again, but it’s knowing when to use each characters ability that makes playing through each level unique. In addition, each character has a two weapons; a gun and a hand weapon like a crowbar or an axe. Along with having limited ammo each time your group fire their guns, it naturally makes a sound, if the sound meter reaches above a certain level then you attract a massive swarm of walkers to your area, making it that bit harder to complete the level. This is a brilliant feature to the game and adds another layer to the tactics of completing each of the missions, with Skybound promising more content in the future. Sound can however, be used to your advantage, like sound the alarm of cars to lure walkers into your ambushes. These levels are a visual treat for the eyes, they are in black and white much like the graphic novels. However, the only colour which flesh out the levels are blood red which show where your skirmishes with ‘walkers’ or a member of your team died. The game is faithful to the comic books so if a member of your team or another group member dies, they will regenerate as a ‘walker’.

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On the whole, the game looks great and plays well despite the lack of story, with an iOS game that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It doesn’t hinder this game as the game play and purpose isn’t to progress the story, because the people that will buy this are fans of the show, like myself, or the graphic novels so they know what happens. The purpose of the game is to replay the levels, try and beat your best time, beat your friends best times. Try different combinations of  people in your group. Maybe saving up your collected supplies to unlock more characters, or just wanting to pick up and have a quick game on the daily commute. In my opinion this is the perfect style of strategy game on iOS, it’s depth comes in the gameplay and the challenge rather than just retreading a story. It isn’t a perfect game by no means, it is a very good game which I recommend to fans of the show or the graphic novel whole heartedly as it’s true to it’s origins. I would still recommend it to those who are unfamiliar with The Walking Dead canon as it’s a highly enjoyable and challenging strategy game.

Overall Score:



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