Is PlayStation Allstars 2 In The Works?

Sony are hiring for a new game that involves PlayStation Allstars developer Superbot Entertainment. Could it be PlayStation Allstars 2 or could it be something else?

Since the release of PlayStation Allstars not one month ago, Superbot has said that they will be focusing on DLC for the game. Sony’s Seth Killian confirmed the existence of DLC featuring Emmet Graves from Starhawk and Kat from Gravity Rush in the works for release early next year. A new level is also being developed that fuses the Heavenly Sword and WipeOut franchises together.

Two job listings suggest that Sony is looking for new talent to work at Superbot. One of the listings is hiring for an art director. “The Art Director is responsible for defining this [the games] vision, guiding the creation of art assets from concept through completion while helping develop new technology to facilitate this and maintain proper performance.”

The second listing is looking to hire a Game Designer/Implementer who will responsible for “designing, implementing, iteration on and reviewing gameplay, game modes and systems.” Both positions at Superbot are for full-time employment.

The possibility of Superbot hiring for further DLC is likely as they have all the staff they need but are hiring two more so it could mean that they plan to have more DLC after the first pack. Hiring fresh talent for one bit of DLC would seem like a needless task if the developer plans to produce one piece of DLC every few months. However the listings could also suggest that Superbot may be in the early stages of developing a sequel. It’s more than likely that Sony would want to make a sequel with different characters and different levels. After thirteen years of the PlayStation brand being on the market, they have more than enough games to take influence from after all.

With the PlayStation 3 coming to the end of it’s life cycle, a sequel could be entirely possible. Releasing a sequel on the rumoured Orbis platform would make little sense if Sony intend to have characters from past consoles. All of the characters in PlayStation Allstars are for the most part well established characters so a potential Orbis release would either require a strong release character or a strong recurring character from the PlayStation past.

Source: IGN.

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