Dark Souls 2 To Be “More Straightforward”

Dark Souls 2 is to be a more accessible game according to director Tomohiro Shibuya.

In an interview with Edge magazine, game director Tomorhiro Shibuya will be directing the sequel to last years cult hit alongside Yui Tanimura. Both men will be behind the steering wheel this time around instead of Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game director for the original Dark Souls. Shibuya talks of a game that will be friendlier to players unfamiliar with Dark Souls. Shibuya also noted that he will be taking inspiration from within adding that the game “will be more straightforward and more understandable”

Demon Souls and Dark Souls are known and loved for their crushing and famously difficulties. Many fans and critics alike have often remarked on how rewarding the games feel when one overcomes the difficulty that accompanies them.

Miyazaki said earlier in the year with Metro that he’d like to possibly add an “easy” or rather easier setting to Dark Souls to open it up for new players. However this was debunked to be a result of mistranslation.

So is this cause for panic? Or is this a good thing for new players? We’ve only seen one trailer thus far so it may not be cause for fans to beat their chests and cry out in anguish.

Source: Joystiq.

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  1. Even if the game is more straightforward, it’s still going to turn us into helpless little children while playing. Dark Souls completely destroyed my desire to game for a while


  2. *Starts beating chest and cries out in anguish!*

    No but seriously, the director has come out and claimed the difficulty hasn’t been changed. So long as that is in check, I look forward to see what From Software pull out of their little hat.


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