GameStop Increases Trade In Values. Also, Pigs Have Learned to Fly

But, seriously, this isn’t a joke.

Remember that incredibly dumb GameFly commercial featuring Not GameStop and a bunch of customers with the maturity of six-year old upper-class children?

If not, let me remind you. It’s the Fran Drescher of commercials (think about it. Or, alternatively, don’t):

The basic idea they’re trying to sell is that instead of only getting a lowly $9 for your $60 game trade-in, you should just rent games form GameFly.

Well, that commercial may be less accurate (but still just as grating to watch) these days because GameStop is apparently raising the dollar amount on Trade-Ins for tons of their games. You can get the full list here, but I’d like to point out some really nice deals myself:

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box (PS3) can net you a clean $20. This one’s fantastic, because the game itself is $30 new.

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!! (DS/3DS) can be sold for $15, about half of its retail price.

Portal 2 (XB360/PS3) will drop $20 into your wallet.
Hitman Blood Money (XB360) is a good $20.

Basically a LOT of games, some a few years old, can be returned for at least $15, if not more. This is great new for anyone who has been riled up about trade in values before, or if you’re a child-minded psychopath like in the video above (though to be fair, the clerks in the video are just plain scumbags). Just keep this in mind, though: You have to have a power-up rewards card (the free one) in order to cash in on these deals. If, by chance, you have the $20/year premium card, add an extra 10% to those trade-in values.

The deals could be because GameStop has raked in almost $10billion this year alone with used games sales, but maybe the hardened robotic hearts of high-up corporate salary-men are too cold for that, and instead suffered a glitch in their programming causing them gain an understanding of “treating customers with common respect”.

Then they learned the ways of love.

Then they learned the ways of creepy, cold love.

Still, great news for us poor people who rely on trade-in value to purchase new games, which is exactly GameStops’ core modus operandi 

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

Frank Margarella has his own crappy personal blogs here and here. You can follow him on twitter @Fuhjem.



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