VGA 2012: The Phantom Pain is The Phantom Game

UPDATE: Here is the footage

The 2012 VGA awards have just concluded and…WOW! Some great world premiers were  announced, but their is nothing that stood out more than the odd, yet intriguing trailer for a game called “The Phantom Pain,” developed by the mysterious Swedish company Moby Dick Studios. I’d show you footage, but it was, oddly enough, taken down almost immediately after it was posted.

I wish I could have described the footage to you, but I was so in awe, it was hard to take in. But then I stayed up even later, so that I could get the re-run of the trailer. Well, heres the thing, and it fuels my suspicions even more…

Right when the segment that included The Phantom Pain‘s world premier trailer was about to start, Spike TV suddenly experienced technical difficulties. They then cut to South Park again. Replayed a the previous award segment. Then when the trailer was supposed to come again…cut to commercial. Strange things are afoot my friends.

But lets take a moment and analyze a few things. First, what the hell is a phantom pain to begin with? According to the Mayo Clinic, “a Phantom pain is pain that feels like it’s coming from a body part that’s no longer there.” The character in the game wakes up has a prosthetic limb with a hook. Is that what they are referring to? Perhaps not… However, thats not the most noticeable feature that this character has…no…not at all. Take a long at this screen from the trailer:

I’ve seen this man before…

My friends…that is Snake and this is the work of Hideo Kojima. Evidence suggest that this is connected to Ground Zeroes in some way. In fact, speculation is going nuts all over the net, especially on NeoGaf.

First, the CEO of Moby Dick Studios is named Joakim Mogren. Yeah, that first name? Joakim? Its most likely an anagram for Kojima. I’d bet money on it.

Next, check out this screen:

I’ve seen this guy too…

This screen from the game is man that has appeared walking out of the fire towards the “Snake” lookalike. Take a look at this screen next:


Thats right, its Col. Volgin. This outfit “the burning man” is wearing is identical. Furthermore, in the Ground Zeros demo shows a charred and burned villain that people have speculated is Volgin for quite some time. More and more evidence keeps piling suggesting this is a one elaborate ruse set up by Kojima himself. The man loves to put on a show.

But last, and certainly not least (as I am sure more evidence will reveal itself in due time) there is this little nugget:

From Forbes, Jason Evangelho reported that Spike TV personality Geoff Keighley had said one of the world premiers would be much more cryptic than the others.

Yeah, I would say so…

I also want to share something else pointed out in the NeoGaf Forums: What on earth does this now mean?

Is this the second? What on Earth is going on here…

This is the teaser image given out by Kojima seems to have a lot more meaning.

I wish I could share the video with you in case you missed it. But I tell you what, this game is definitely not what it seems. And this is just more speculation, but I dont think it is actual footage from Ground Zeros either.

Only time will tell, but keep checking back on Analog Addiction for more info on this new game as it is released. As of now, no systems have been announced for it.

UPDATE: Here are some more screens from the trailer footage!


Geoff Keighley has responded again!

The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens…

Aside from Mr. Keighley lack of spell-check. This fuels my sentiments that this is NOT footage from Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeros, but a completely new game.

Source: NeoGaf Forums, Forbes

Jaime loves these kinds of advertising tactics made by companies, but still isn’t 100% sure about what is going on with this game. He is the PS3/PSVita Editor here at Analog Addiction, you can follow him on Twitter here.


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