The Last Of Us Release Date

Naughty Dog’s brand new IP, The Last Of Us has been given a release date.

Unveiled last night at the Spike TV Video Game Awards, the new PlayStation exclusive The Last Of Us was given a release date of the 7th of May.

The release date came with the debut of a brand new trailer, that is most likely the story trailer that will be released to the public on Monday the 10th of December. The said trailer was also teased with a 31 second trailer put out by Sony on Tuesday that showed a man cowering in fear against a machete wielding man who is presumably the games protagonist, Joel.

Story details on The Last Of Us have remained scant since the games announcement back at the VGA’s 2011. All we know is that Ellie is of some importance to someone and that Joel must escort her from one safe zone to another. All along the way exists what’s left of a tyrannical military government inside the safe zones, murderous looters in the ruins of America alongside the mysterious Infected that have yet to be shown in any trailers, gameplay videos or screenshots since the original 2011 trailer.

Source: IGN.

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