THQ has Raised $3.3 Million with its ‘Humble Bundle’

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 5.33.28 PM

THQ is making it rain!

Remember when we posted about Guillermo Del Toro’s InSane being revived after THQ’s financial troubles?

Well, not too long ago, THQ started its own ‘Humble Bundle’ (though they don’t have the audacity to call it an Indie bundle, which is a godsend) as a way of raising money to keep the company together by selling their own games for as cheap as a single dollar.

And guess what? It’s working! Proving that capitalism works if you’re smart about it, THQ has used the immense sales from their so-low-it-would-give-Donald-Trump-about-six-aneurisms prices to raise over $3.3 million and have increased their stock worth from $1.07 to $1.60, a 37.96% increase.

If you want a piece of the pie, head over to, only seven days left in the sale! I heard they have banana cream pie. Love that stuff.


Hopefully the company that’s bringing us games like Metro: Last Light will make a stellar comeback, and show other publishers that you don’t need to charge your games at $60 to make a profit, especially if the games are digital. Now if only they’d sell their PS1 Hotwheels racing game that I played all the time. I’d like that.

Good financial news all around today!

Source: Destructoid

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