Next Mass Effect 3 DLC Being Made With 9 Writers, 3 Composers. Will Have a “High potential for tears”

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Break out the Kleenex and raincoats.

If you own Mass Effect 3 and are planning on buying any and all of its DLC, you may want to restock on tissues. Not because they’re adding a new sex scene, no, but because this next one is being engineered with the intent of making us all curl up in the fetal position and sob uncontrollably, asking why the sun is forever caged behind the sullen clouds in your head. No details have been released yet, but apparently, “every ME3 DLC writer here in Edmonton is involved.” says Bioware’s level designer Jos Hendriks.

According to DSO Gaming, the Edmonton, Canada based studio is really bringing in the talent by pooling nine writers and three musical composers into the fray, and they’re hoping to pull some emotional strings.

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Will this DLC make me feel shattered inside, creating a void that only cookies and hugs can fill, as they did with ME2‘s Overlord expansion? Well, probably not, seeing as I don’t own ME3 yet.

Regardless, I’m hoping those of you who have been playing Mass Effect 3 will be basically spitting from your eyes during the DLC’s climax. Few good stories do.

Source: DSO Gaming, OnlySP

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