Hitman: Absolution Death Threat Campaign Gets Cut Short

facepalmSquare Enix is holding its gun backwards.

Not content with just pissing people off before the game’s out, Square Enix has done it again with its “Hire Hitman” campaign.

The campaign allows you to send friggen death threats to anyone on Facebook, friends or not.

If you fail to see inherent problems with this, I’m sorry for writing too many big words for you. Rock, Paper, Shotgun covered it hilariously, saying, ” It’s cyber-bullying, sure, and making death threats online is illegal, but it’s for advertising! All in the name of jolly good fun!”  They also listed some of the ‘funnier’ reasons to order a hit on somebody such as for having ginger hair, small tits, or a muffin top.


The campaign was taken down two hours after it was released, but honestly, it shouldn’t have made it out the door. Does anyone at Square even proofread this shit?

Square Enix, it seems, just cannot give itself a single break. It’s like a dog that can’t stop shitting on the carpet.
Perhaps if Square hadn’t been completely tactless in the past this may have gone over a bit smoother, but when your trailers include beating the living shit out of fetish assassins in latex nun suits, it may be a good time to just start, I don’t know, handing out pamphlets or donating money to battered wives homes.

Just a suggestion.

Source: Destructoid

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