Sony may have magnetic eye-tracking contact lenses for the PS4


Maybe now I can pretend I’m Adam Jensen.

No more than two days after revealing their second-most moronic looking controller ever have Sony leaked plans for something far more idiotic. Magnetic eye-tracking contact lenses. That you put on your bare eyes. For the sake of gaming.

According to my source, the lenses could be used to “detect eye movement, gestures and even blinking to control menus, videogames and other software applications to trained actions.”

Well, at the very least, Sony isn’t trying to make you look like a complete moron, seeing as these can even be worn on top of regular contact lenses.

Oh, wait, no. Sony is still trying to make you look stupid. There also are apparently patents for glasses and a necklace that can be used to track your bodily movements.


Can I just go back to flailing my arms like a coked up chimp, please?

Source: Now Gamer

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