PlayStation Vita has New Firmware Update

I know you PlayStation Vita owners have been enjoying the new Instant Game Collection goodies from the PlayStation Plus offering on Vita, but hold your horses for a moment. Sony has just released Firmware Update 2.01 and it is available now. So press that PlayStation button, move over to your settings and give this update the download.

Plus Vita

The update was only announced a few hours ago by Sony via their Twitter account, they explained that “will fix the issues with automatic synching of PS Plus game saves,” This new update is mandatory for Plus subscribers and non-Plus subscribers alike and will be prompted when a player tries to sync their trophies, so might as well download it soon and save the interruption later.

But for those who hate the annoying Firmwares, don’t worry it is a very small update and it should easily be done in a few minutes. Maybe go outside and water a plant, or make a tasty sandwich, then get back to some gaming goodness. Or you could use your time wisely and read our PlayStation All-Stars review and see if it is a worthy download for that Vita of yours.

Thanks to IGN for the heads up.

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