Peter Molyneux not retiring any time soon.

molyneux_peterRemember when Peter Molyneux, creator of such games as flop your arms to move a horse and click a box, said that he was going to retire from the games industry after his next game? Well, much like most of his promises (even if I did love Fable), that was full of lies.

“I wasn’t in any way announcing my retirement,” retracted Molyneux, “I’m either going to stop making games when everyone in the world just hates the games I make or the day when I die. I feel more passionate, more engaged, more energetic about making games now than I ever have. The thought of retirement is abhorrent to me. I would have to be in some vegetative state to consider retirement.”

I like Molyneux. He seems to have more of an eye for experimentation than most AAA developers, most of whom are stuck in a perpetual game of follow-the-leader. Even if his most recent games have been hollow, going for more “ooh, wouldn’t this be experimental?” than “Damn this is fun!”, I still think he can contribute positively to the industry. Hell, maybe he can start making actual RPGs again. Like Fable! God, I miss Fable.

Source: GameIndustry International

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