Monolith Uses The Cloud to Bypass Console Certification

2001-a-space-odyssey-ape-monolithAs with most things on the business side, console certification can be a bullshit hassle for developers. Console certification is the process by which developers patch their games on consoles, but it can take weeks for the certification to pass and it’s extremely costly. Want to know why Fez hasn’t been patched? It’s because Phil Fish, the game’s designer, can’t afford the $40,000 to pay Microsoft the privilege of patching his own game that consumers bought with their own money. Plus, there’s the cost of having to distribute the patch. Digitally. Through the internet. It’s a way for the publishers to dissuade developers from releasing buggy games, but I’ve been noticing glitchier and glitchier games by the day.

But Monolith, developer of Guardians of Middle-Earth, have found a way to completely circumvent this trouble. By using The Cloud, information that can be updated and downloaded or streamed frequently and easily through a remote server, Monolith have been able to patch Guardians‘ balancing issues, since its balance database is stored on The Cloud.

“It’s really the same system as ‘Message of the day’ feeds,” Senior Producer, Ruth Tomandl told VG247 “It’s really just using that same technology that people have been using for a long time. I think a lot of developers realized they could but more interesting data in there.”

Hopefully independent developers will see this as a way of being able to fix their buggy games, seeing as they can’t usually afford a QA team, without having to pay outrageous fees.

Source: The Escapist

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