Jaffe, Chen, and Foiles are the judges for season 2 of ‘The Next Game Boss’.


Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 10.15.52 AMAfter learning last night that Jaffe’s tweets were about a reality game show, I decided to do some actual GARM JURNLIZM and found out that ‘The Next Game Boss‘ was already a show, and that David Jaffe, Jenova Chen, and Lisa Foiles are playing the parts of judges for the entire second season.

You can find the first season here.

The Next Game Boss challenges six teams of indie developers to create a working game within a week. The best one wins a grand total of $10,000.

Personally, I’m not much into reality game shows about videogames; they always seem to not know what videogames or what game design even entails, but for Game Boss, it looks like they’re actually showing hectic development cycles in a short, compact, weeklong package. Plus with Jaffe and Chen, two of my favorite developers, on the judges board, it should be entertaining at least, though sometimes having a good cast will not make it a good show (Egoraptor, whyyyyy?!!).

Source: Twit twattery tweet.

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