Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘InSane’ has been revived!

inSaneRemember that videogame that acclaimed director Guillermo Del Toro was making? With the magic of Google, you sure as hell can!

Titled ‘InSane‘, the game was supposed to be an action survival-horror, but not much else was released to the public. THQ was prepped to be developing the game for the Pan’s Labyrinth director, but after certain financial troubles, they had to drop the project. According to Del Toro, the game was in good shape, with many of the models and levels finished, but that it was two years from completion. Now without any developers to bring his ideas to life, the director had to find someone else.

According to him, though, the first company he brought it to loved it and picked it up after the first meeting. Unwilling to disclose who he partnered up with, Del Toro leaves many of us guessing.

Also, he says that although InSane was planned as a trilogy, he’s now just focusing on making a good game. This is good news in a sea of three, where every damned piece of entertainment must have a trilogy.

“I think we’re going to concentrate on making it a great game and then we’ll see … But we are not exploring it.”

When you put the pieces together: a company known for taking risks with a severe aversion to the number 3, it may just be Valve [WARNING: THIS IS ENTIRELY SPECULATION].  He’s even said before that he likes Valve quite a bit, saying he was a “big fan” of them, according to GameSpot.

Hopefully his game does well. I’d love to see a good, lovecraftian horror game by the current king of lovecraftian horror movies.

Source: GameSpot, IGN, Gamezone.

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