Crowdfunded OUYA console being sent out December 28th.


A few months back, a kickstarter opened up to fund an open source game console, powered by Android, called the OUYA. It was an intriguing idea, a $99 console that let demanded that any bit of software released on the console needs to have something about it that is completely free, that captivated enough people to earn itself over 8.5 million dollars in donations, a far cry from the $950k it was asking for. Encouraging people to hack both the software and the hardware of the system, the open source attitude of the console is what really drew people in.


Now, several months after it was successfully funded, the OUYA is finally being shipped out on this upcoming December 28th to whom I presume to be the people who donated at least $699.

As for me, a $99 backer, I should be getting the console delivered to my door some time in March.

Source: Destructoid

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