Composer Jack Wall wants to return to the Mass Effect series.

The renowned composer, Jack Wall, who composed the score for Black Ops II and a whole slew of Bioware games, including my favorite game of all time, Mass Effect, said that he’d like to return to the modern classic sci-fi series.

When asked if he’d like to return to Mass Effect, he replied with a response that we’ve all heard in college multiple times, “I’d be open to that”.

I love Mass Effect‘s score. I listen to it often at work and at home, using it as background music when I write or draw. It’s cool, melodic beats were something I had never heard before or since until Deus Ex: Human Revolution‘s soundtrack.

If Wall were to return to this franchise, not only would me ears joyfully cry, but my entire body would vibrate hard enough to phase through the Earth’s crust from pure excitement.

Yeah, that much excitement.


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