13 new games get the “Go” on Steam Greenlight

Steam, everyone’s go-to online digital distribution service, opened it’s pearly grey gates to Valve’s magical system of choosing what games, and more recently, software, should be available for distributing. With Steam Greenlight, just about anyone can submit a working game, demo, or even just a vague idea that they lathered in glitter and have the masses vote on which ones are allowed to grace the Store, even if Valve have the final say on what is allowed.

It’s an idea that, while polarizing in some cases, helps developers get their game to the masses without needing Valve to slog through each and every idea submitted to them personally.

Regardless of whether Greenlight is a good or bad service, it does work in many cases. Recently, 13 new games have risen above crowds to become available for purchase:
(presented in alphabetical order)

  • Blackspace
  • Darkfall Unholy Wars
  • Dawn of Fantasy
  • Dragon’s Lair
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Gear Up
  • Kinetic Void – Space Adventure
  • The Light
  • No Time To Explain
  • Primordia
  • Sang-Froid : Tales of Werewolves
  • StarForge
  • Waking Mars

Personally, I really want to give the classic Dragon’s Lair a run through, just so I can beef up my retro games catalogue. Blackspace looks like an insane combination of moon rovers and mech games. What I’m most excited to play, though, is No Time To Explain, a weird platformer with themes of time travel that hands you a massive cannon without questions. Check them all out on¬†

Source: The Escapist

Frank Margarella has his own crappy personal blogs here and here. You can follow him on twitter @Fuhjem.


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