Sony Summed Up in One (Wonder)Book

Sony have released the Wonderbook which uses the PlayStation Move with a new peripheral with augmented reality and it’s release has coincided with the release of the first game on it titles Book of Spells which was written by J.K Rowling who wrote a series of books about some wizard called Harry Potter. This release completely epitomises Sony in the videogame industry this generation. Sony has some great ideas – I personally think this is one of them – but it’s always nearly brilliant and what holds it back, is that it’s lacking something. In the case of Wonderbook, it is games.

Let’s be clear, Wonderbook is not aimed at the hardcore gamer nor is it aimed at adults, in the same way that the Move is aimed at the casual market and the younger end of that spectrum in particular. As a piece of kit for it’s target audience I think this is a perfect addition to the Sony stable and it needs more games like Book of Spells to be released to enhance and improve the experience. Children love games which allows them to physically interact with the game that they’re playing, take the Wii that was in part what helped sustain it. Naturally children – like us adults – also love playing games with a controller, but younger children in particular love seeing their actions come to life on the screen. This is best shown by the fact that in the first quarter of 2012, the third most profitable game in North America and Europe was Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures. That is including all of the accessories but highlights the point perfectly. However, like many of Sony’s products, what the Wonderbook is lacking in, is games, it was released with only one game for it. In order to give Wonderbook a chance of being a commercial success it needs the software. Having more than one game will at least give it a fighting chance to survive and be a success with family’s or it’ll end up like another Sony product the PS Vita, great tech but lacking the sales to back it up.


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