Games As TV Shows

If you find yourself away from your console and without a Vita or DS, or even you just want to watch something on TV, then here’s my guide to some essential TV which you should watch on TV or via the DVD’s, the Netflix etc. There are some TV shows which are what certain video games would be if they weren’t actually a video game. Some are actually quite good, others not so much but still worth a watch if you’re looking for more of a particular genre.

If you like Call of Duty then you’ll love Strike Back Project Dawn, in its third season it is almost a carbon copy of the recent Call of Duty games. It follows a very similar storyline with the action weekly crescendos into an epic finale before settling down again. It’s full of military clichés and is very predictable, the storyline in that respect similar to that of CoD. Both Strikeback and CoD’s storylines are simple you can jump in and catch up with what’s happened. Oh and Strikeback would be CoD if it had nudity in it. But asides from that it is just a good fun watch, which doesn’t require too much thinking of what’s going on.


If you’ve enjoyed the episodic adventures from Telltale games of The Walking Dead, then you will probably like the TV show called…The Walking Dead. The game by all accounts is closer to the graphic novels rather than the TV series, however the show is still one of the better shows on TV at the moment. That despite Lori being extremely annoying and very inconsistent in the second series, that’s on the writers not the actress. It’s a show more about the human interactions within the group and their survival in this new world disorder. It is a show which seems to create tension within each episode and the action why not always in every episode, it’s very tense and brutal. Hugely entertaining and one I highly recommend.


If like me, you absolutely love what Rocksteady have done with Batman, they’ve made two amazing games! The second one being my personal Game of the Year for 2011, if you share similar views to me then you will enjoy Arrow. It’s a reinvention of the Green Arrow series, which is early into its first season, but it is a series growing stronger with each episode. The show isn’t afraid to bring in DC characters who are associated to other heroes, such as Deadshot, but the characters that we’ve seen on the show so far make sense. The over arching story arc for the season is an interesting one and as a viewer you’re fed pieces of vital information bit by bit, enough to keep you guessing without definitively giving it away.


Big Bang Theory is probably the best sitcom since Friends and is one full of nerd references. Aside from being about a bunch of geeks, it is a genuinely funny TV show, which in its sixth season is still getting better and funnier. One of the reasons for the shows improvement is the addition to various regulars such as Amy Farah Fowler and being able to flesh out the lives of these characters. Did I mention that it was really funny?


So these are just my recommendations and if you like or try any of these, then I don’t think you’d be let down.

Hugh Simmonds is an editor for Analog Addiction, when he’s not writing he’s going through the emotional turmoil of being a Sunderland fan, or being a wanna be Masterchef, all of which you can follow on Twitter.


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