Vita Firmware 2.00 Released

A new firmware update, 2.00, is now available for Vita. Along with the addition of an email app, the ability to save content from your Vita to PC via WiFi, and a few improvements to some other programs, the main feature of the 2.00 update is PlayStation Plus. A PlayStation Plus subscription will allow Vita users to download 6 Vita games for free, each month. reports, “The starting six games include Uncharted: Golden AbyssGravity RushWipeout 2048Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs AttackJet Set Radio and the PSP classic, Final Fantasy Tactics.” They also go on to say, “If you already have a PS Plus subscription for your PS3, you’re PS Vita will be included at no additional charge,” which is kind of a no brainer on Sony’s behalf. Vita users will also get 1GB of cloud storage if they have PlayStation Plus.

With the release of PS Plus, some Vita users (including myself) will probably be looking to upgrade to a bigger memory card. It could be a good idea if Sony were to bundle a subscription in with their 32GB card (I’ll let you have that idea Sony).

Now on Vita!

Source: IGN

Nathan Manning is an Editor for Analog Addiction. He has a Vita and can’t wait to get PlayStation Plus and a bigger memory card! You can find him on Twitter and MyIGN.


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