Romance Rekindled?

I was having a conversation in the office the other day, which sparked this feature, about how when we were younger – my colleague (Marcus) and I – absolutely loved Nintendo. But now neither of us own an Nintendo Wii but I have a PS3 and he has an Xbox. Throughout the early part of my gaming history, a company has been intertwined with it. Nintendo.

Be it the SNES, the Nintendo 64 or the handhelds, GameBoy, GameBoy Colour or GameBoy Advance.  My brother and I owned all but one of these systems, that being the SNES which was a little early for us but nevertheless we would go through the garden fence to our friends to play Mario Kart on it. Some of my fondest gaming moments come courtesy of Nintendo, such as playing Perfect Dark with my brother and 2 friends, we battled the small aliens and completed the challenge. On the drives to visit family members, in the car I would play my GBA playing Advanced Wars or Mario Kart. 



Seeing the Wii U in action through various videos and working at a play scheme has flamed the romance I have with Nintendo and it makes me want a Wii U. The hardware itself is different to what I have – a PS3 – the gamepad really intrigues me. Being able to play a game on the screen while my brother or family are watching something I can continue my progress through a game like Scribblenauts. Other than that, the hardware is not the main tipping point for my desire for the Wii U. The hardware is clearly a step up from the Wii but it really isn’t a massive game changer when you compare it and its games to those of the PS3 and Xbox 360. However time and future releases will help define how well the Wii U and how long it’ll last, especially with the imminent releases of the next Playstation and Xbox console.


It is the characters in the Nintendo stable which is what draws me in, as well as the gameplay. I have missed my fix of the Italian plumber trying to save the Princess, the play scheme has fanned this fire, as they have a Wii and the 2 popular games are Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. Its games like these which make me yearn for it. These are the sort of games which I love to play with friends and we would almost definitely be regular playing them together. Its games like these which made me fall in love with gaming and as a result Nintendo.



Will I get a Wii U on its release here in the UK, almost definitely not, that’s down to the fact that I don’t get consoles on their release. I like to wait for some more titles to be released or the price to be reduced. Nevertheless, Nintendo have created a console which is appealing to me, a console which I can play with friends and immerse myself within, when I am by myself.

Hugh Simmonds is an editor for Analog Addiction, you can see what it’s like to be a Sunderland fan and what games he’s playing by following him on Twitter.


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