Nintendo Will Release Special 3DS Bundle for Black Friday

If you were interested in getting a 3DS this holiday season, then Black Friday will be a perfect time for you.

Nintendo has announced they will be releasing a limited-edition bundle for the Nintendo 3DS. This bundle will contain the Flame Red 3DS with “Super Mario 3D Land” already installed on the system.

Even Mario is jumping with glee over the bundle

With the 3DS costing $169.99 and “Super Mario 3D Land” selling at $39.99, it would cost around $210 ($227.30 with sales tax), but this limited-edition bundle will set you back $169.99, which give you a pre-installed copy of “Super Mario 3D Land” free of charge.

Have you pondered getting a 3DS for some time? If you have, does this bundle pique your interest? If you already own a 3DS, would you say to others this is a good deal? Let us know in the comments section below.


When he doesn’t dream of one day stepping in the shoes of a Tanookie Suit, Robbie Key proudly serves his post in “Reviews and Editorials” for Analog Addiction. He is also Stephen F. Austin State University’s lone gaming journalist, a blogger for IGN, has a passion for those cryptic things known as video games and most importantly, he is American. You can follow his completely relevant Twitter updates and watch his awesomtacular YouTube videos. For now, he will also handle reviews over the Wii U, so stay tuned.


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    • I actually don’t know which one I would prefer if I had to pick between them. I’m happy with my black Ambassador-loaded 3DS though. 🙂


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