Guild Wars 2- Lost Shores Event Problems

It would seem the Lost Shores event that is happening in Guild Wars 2 at the moment has a few bugs. Currently, on the Sea of Sorrows server, a couple of NPCs have not respawned. These NPCs are required to continue the quest chain. There have also been reports from a lot of other servers that the same things are happening.

As of this posting, ArenaNet have not made any comments on the Guild Wars 2 forums. There are still two more events after today’s event. According to posts on the Guild Wars 2 forums, the start of the event had considerable lag. Players with trial codes probably contributed to this excessive lag.

Hopefully the event will be fixed and running soon so players who are playing with a trial code, and veteran players, will be able to experience all the great things this Guild Wars 2 event has to offer (including me).

There are someΒ positivesΒ to come out of the event, though. While waiting for an NPC called Noll to spawn again, players decided to replace words with ‘Noll’.

Click on the picture to read the text box clearer.

Another NPC who was suppose to be killed, was showing up as a friendly character and could not be attack. So everyone crowded into the house for a bit of a rave/ party…

Nathan Manning is an Editor for Analog Addiction. Guild Wars 2 is his first MMO and he loves it! His character’s name is Fury Stark and you can find him on the Sea of Sorrows server. He can also be found on Twitter or MyIGN.


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