Grand Theft Auto V – Trailer 2

Rockstar has officially revealed the long awaited second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.

Lets get into what we saw shall we?

From 1:50 long trailer, it’s clear that Rockstar has upped the ante tenfold with GTAV. First off, we see Michael living the quiet life in the hills. The wife and daughter arguing, his days spent sitting by the pool drinking scotch. All the violence and the life of crime behind him as he “got out alive”. His advice? “Give this sh*t up”.

The next screen shows us a close up glimpse of Los Santos and boy, does it look good or what? It already looks like a busy, bustling city.

We’re then introduced to Trevor who lives in the country side. But a quite life in the country it ain’t. All within a few seconds, we see him beating a guy up and blowing up a house using gasoline.

We then move onto Franklin who, with a friend bump into Michael. The rest of the trailer then cuts to the GTA craziness we all know and love. There are some cool looking car chases, and what appears to be an Aston Martin DB5 falling off the back of a lorry (or a truck if you will). We then get introduced to Michael’s son James who we see hanging off the sail of a boat being transported on a motorway.

The next scene is Trevor beating the crap out of a guy before we see him in a plane apparently trying to take off under cover. We then see the plane flying next to what appears to be Mount Chilliad. The trailer then shows off some footage from a heist in the game with a safe being blown open.

We see something interesting next, something we’ve never seen in a Grand Theft Auto game before: a dog. It seems to be evident that animals will be featured in Grand Theft Auto V. This isn’t the first Rockstar game to feature animals, Red Dead Redemption was littered with animals.

Next up is a shot of Michael rappelling down the side of a building in the heist that was revealed last week. The next shot is Trevor driving a jeep out the back of a plane at 10,000(ish) feet before jumping out. Yeah, we just saw that. The bike races from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on Mount Chilliad look to be making a return before a shot of Trevor jumping off a train seconds before it collides head on with another train.

We then see Michael, Franklin and Trevor all being introduced to each other before we see a spectacular shot of a jet shooting down a helicopter before the trailer ends with a shot of the trio together followed by the games logo and the spring 2013 release date.

Expect more GTAV news in the coming days.

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  1. The game actually swaps characters in real time. The camera zooms all the way up into the sky and then back down onto the selected character. That must be a serious engine to be able to handle that. I’ll be interested to see if it was bigger that JC2, because that was BIG.


  2. The only time I’ve been this excited for a game was when the first trailer of AC III hit the web. Now that great feeling is once again here. I wonder though, is it just as big or *gasp* BIGGER than Just Cause 2? That was the biggest game ever released, and still is to this day.


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