Play As Virgil With DMC DLC

It’s a little funny that the DMC version of Vergil looks more like Dante, the real Dante, than the DMC Dante does.

But, I suppose that’s neither here nor there because nothing says “This ain’t the series you used to know” better than pre-release DLC, right? Right. That’s why we have the new and admittedly cool-looking trailer for the first DLC pack, entitled Vergil’s Downfall, for the upcoming DMC. Player eager to get their blue on will be able to purchase the pack for 720 moon points or $8.99.

What’s that? You don’t want to pay? Well then, you best mosey on down to your local Gamestop or EB Games and pre-order the game then. For your faith that low-cut t-shirts and brown hair (brown!) won’t ruin a previously good thing, you’ll get the DLC pack for free.

DMC is set to be released on January 15, 2013.

Source: Kotaku

Alex Skjong is a little bitter about the changes to Devil May Cry and obviously he’s not above showing it. Follow him on @ShredAlex and keep up with Analog Addiction on Twitter and Facebook.



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