Grand Theft Auto V Won’t Feature Celebrity Voices

Grand Theft Auto V won’t be featuring celebrity voice acting according to Rockstar.

In past Grand Theft Auto games, we’ve seen big names as major characters such as Samuel L Jackson as officer Tenpenny from GTA: San Andreas, the cop so bent he made corrupt Prohibition agents look like Judge Dredd.

Dan Houser, co-star of Rockstar and writer of every GTA game post GTAIII said that due to limited technology, the professional acting behind these characters helped them to be more believable at least in the PlayStation 2 era. “The good thing about most famous actors is they can actually act very well or they can do their shtick really well. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes it’s the other. I think it was really useful on the PS2-era games for bringing these somewhat simplistic characters to life.”Due to the increased use in motion capture acting, bringing a character to life has alternate paths. Naughty Dog have made a name for themselves with Uncharted and it’s very realistic characters who are brought to life using mo-cap actors.

“We’ve done two or three movie shoots for this game spread out through various three week shoots. “I don’t think there would be many celebrities that would be available even if we wanted to spend the money on them for the amount that we’ve used them for,” said Houser in an interview with Game Informer.

Houser noted that the use of lesser-known actors is much more beneficial to what Rockstar hope to achieve with their games. This is evident given Rockstars use of Michael Hollick as the voice for GTAIV’s Niko Bellic. Houser revealed that the use of big name actors at the start of the PS3/360 era would be too much of a deviating factor drawing away from the characters themselves.

“When we went to PS3 and 360 I think it would become a distraction if you were like, ‘Well, that’s a famous person.'” Houser also said that he believes that having smaller name actors is more beneficial for creating believable characters.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks concerning Grand Theft Auto V. If you missed them, we have some of the bigger details from yesterday ready for you to digest. As for later news, well, you’ll just have to stay tuned.

Source: PlayStation Universe.

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