Grand Theft Auto V – More Details Arise

More details have arisen about Grand Theft Auto V concerning characters and gameplay.

As mentioned in the article this afternoon, players will control three protagonists, Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Michael, a former bank robber who now is now in the witness protection programme who has had to make a return to his life of crime due to his wife spending his accumulated fortune from his past. The second protagonist Trevor is a druggy “psychopath” that has a tendency toward violence. The third and final protagonist Franklin is a low level criminal who players will first meet stealing a car. The trio will team up to take part in heists with leads us onto the gameplay.

Players will be able to switch between the three protagonists with the touch of a single button. The missions will perform dynamically allowing you to switch between characters instantly at any time.  During a heist mission, Trevor will be flying a helicopter with Franklin providing sniper cover for Michael who will be rappelling down the side of a building. At any point in this scenario, players will be able to switch characters as many times as they like. Run out of targets to shoot? Switch to Michael. Want to assure every gets a safe pick up yourself via helicopter? Switch to Trevor. Whilst you’re making your airborne get away, players will be able to use Franklin and Michael provide covering fire.

Driving mechanics have also been overhauled with Grand Theft Auto V replacing the somewhat floaty feel of the cars to a system that will make them “feel more like a racing game”. Alongside driving, melee and shooting have been improved and will likely include more dynamic shootouts with less popping in and out of cover systematically.

Like a lot of games in the past few years such as Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed 3, Rockstar has been utilising the use of motion capture actors for pedestrians.

Character customisation returns like past games GTA: San Andreas and GTAIV with players being able to customise Michael, Trevor and Franklin’s appearance’s with different clothing. However, for those of you who have wished for height and weight customisations, better hope it’s there for the next GTA. The city of Los Santos has been re-imagined in the same way that Rockstar modelled Liberty City heavily on New York.

Mission co-op wasn’t mentioned but as far as this news is going, there’s still more to come.No details have been released as to how the character swapping will work in the open world and whether or not the swapping will only work in missions but you’ll be updated as we’re updated.

Remember, next Wednesday will see the release of the long awaited second trailer so stay tuned to Analog Addiction.

Source: Gameinformer, IGN.

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