Tales of Hearts R – Debut Trailer

I hate to sound like a broken record but Tales of Hearts R is looking like a brilliant game to have on the PS Vita. I don’t know if Namco Bandai is testing the waters of demand by waiting for Tales of Xillia to release stateside, but this remake is looking phenomenal and must come out west. I am actually baffled by how impressive the visuals are and how true to form the battle mechanics are to the tried and true active combat system that people know “Tales” games for.

But enough about me, look at this awesome trailer that just came out, as posted by Siliconera:

I really do hope that we see this released across the world for all those Vita gamers. RPGs were the bread and butter of the PSP, hopefully the Vita can capitalize on that before its too late!

Again, all credit goes to Siliconera.

At first, Jaime was intrigued by Tales of Hearts R… Now he wants it even more! Trailers like this get RPG gamers excited; Make it so Namco Bandai! Follow Jaime on Twitter @RTBL1990


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    • Well, something to consider that while this is a port, the game was never released outside of Japan. Unless you actually imported the game, many folks would not have played the game. In addition, the entire game is being reworked with 3D graphics (as posed to 2D sprites), includes voice acting, 10 new animated scenes and a remastered battle system similar to their later titles. As far as ports go, this is quite impressive. But I respect the way you feel though.


      • Part of the reason I don’t like later ports is the additional stuff. It’s basically like spitting on those people that brought the game originally. I also think it is an insult to original game itself when they add extras and change stuff. It’s like saying the original game was no good. If that was the case why port it at all? Then they are making people pay full price for few extras. Most of these look to be unimpressive extras at that. The only one slightly interesting is the new battle system. Visual changes specially when converting 2D to 3D I have found to be pointless in other games that have done so. Just swapping the 2D sprites with 3D ones. The additional animated cut scenes I can get off Youtube.


        • I understand that kind of feeling. But when I talk about Japanese games, I always say take a look at it from a Japanese perspective. In general, they work as a collective and all take credit for the work they did. This is true for all facets of Japanese businesses, including gaming. That being said, this the same team with additional members to simply recreate the experience on a new system. The extras are there because it needs a reason for people to play the game. While for the US, it seems wrong on a few levels, in Japan this normal business practice where they work hard to put out a product together, but do so with a different mentality. They don’t to find it an insult if their game is improved upon. And I think we the amount of changes made to this game, the (I assume) $40 price tag seems justified. I don’t know what would be considered impressive extras, when you compare the step up in production between games. But I find your reasons fascinating! I definitely see were your coming from.


      • I have seen few Western developers do the same thing. For me it screams lack of innovation as well as all the rest of it. I know some companies use excuse of lack of sales but a lot of that comes down to amount of support they give to the game on release. I’m sure it would cost more money to port the game and add some silly extras to it. The biggest blow would be for those who brought game 1st time around and actually want those extras. Later ports have made things too confusing.

        I can understand why many would think this is impressive update. It does sound exciting but if you got DS version the only aspect you will miss out on is battle system which is debatable. If you prefer the original battle system would actually be a downside. For me a meaningful update would be something that would be missed out on if you were to get version without it. This doesn’t include visual styles for obvious reasons. I also think that should be reserved for a remake at a much later date as opposed to a later port.


        • Would it be that big of a blow? Confusing? I dunno if I can agree with you there. And I dont think its an impressive update, it is an impressive update. Unless you yourself ported Tales of Hearts from Japan, not a single person from the US has even played the game. In this case, the tag “port” means less to me and we approach “remake” territory – which is what the “R” stands for.
          There are instances when companies want to make money, and a lot of them are not; the games industry isn’t what it used to be. You can say its an excuse, however these companies are businesses and they need money, specifically our money.
          How the battle system changes will affect the overall enjoyment is yet to be seen, so you have a valid point there. However, this seems to digging for negatives. Its not like Namco Bandai does not put out new games; it is a rather large company. In a small way, it is supporting a rather dead on arrival system; which I approve of immensely. As for the “visual style,” for some this is an immense update. The 2d nature does not appeal to everyone, and to deny its as an update is unfair.

          I dont think we are seeing eye to eye on this one at all. If I can get my hand on this (if it localized), I will be ecstatic. Thats all really. You’ve made good points, but I think well disagree on this till the cows come home. It was a good discussion though, and for that, I thank you.


      • I have met good few people that do import games such as Tales of Hearts. I think your making this discussion confusing as I thought we were looking at it from Japanese side not the “if” it localises point of view. The point still stands regardless of that. If you already own a game why pay full price for some tiny extras that really don’t change the overall game? I got fed up with Final fantasy series for that reason. They have x amount of remakes/later ports of remakes of some games in the series. It’s just silly.

        The confusing part comes into play as to what you support and buy. It’s very easy to get hyped up over initial announcement of a game. However if you were told this game would get a later port with few extras suddenly the issues becomes apparent. Do you hold out for supposed later port and pay out full price for an older game with few extras or do you buy the game now?

        The difference between a port and remake is age and availability. A port is when you can still buy a new console that can play the original release of the game and original release of the game was I would say around 10 years ago at most. It’s a general idea of the difference between the two.

        I know companies want to make money but using it as an excuse for a later port is silly. To better explain it since your not fully understanding or haven’t really read up on this stuff basically the companies say the game wasn’t as successful as they would have liked so in order to get money they need for it they have to port it to another console and add some extras onto it. There are several problems within that. For starters it costs money to port games over and add extra stuff which for most part are pointless additions. If the game wasn’t successful first time around unless they do something else differently the game should fail second time around too regardless of what silly extras they include. If the game was a success second time around then obviously what did they not do first time around?

        I don’t deny visual styles as an update of sorts but this is kinda common sense update that would happen no matter what. If they stayed to sprites they would still update the sprites to make them look prettier. Good visuals should connect to the story theme and gameplay of the game. Remakes I have played that have converted 2D sprite games to 3D ones still play as a 2D game. A lot of 2D games aren’t designed for 3D space.

        I hate later ports whoever makes them to make that clear. I wasn’t just on about Namco Bandai and not even Namco Bandai as a whole. With Tales of series and it’s later ports was referring to the team that does Tales of games in particular.

        The reason for the disagreement is obvious. You want to play localised version of the game, you also own and a fan of Vita and your not that interested in the extras but use that as an excuse as to why your highlighting this version over the DS release. At least this is what I get from you. If it is wrong in some way I apologise. DS release was actually more interesting because it used 2D sprites and had 2 alternate versions for cut scenes. I did study games design and find stuff like that more interesting then later ports.

        On side note I’m not nitpicking at it or saying anything about it is bad. Just that there is nothing that stands out about this version that would be missed if you got Tales of hearts on DS. That and later ports are lazy and I hate them.


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