Diablo III AND StarCraft II Expansions On The Way…

During an earnings call for the third quarter of Activision Blizzard’s current fiscal year, it was announced that the first expansion for Diablo III is on the way, and also, that “Heart Of The Swarm” is scheduled for the first part of 2013.

There aren’t any actual news about the release date of Diablo III’s expansion or any details surrounding the story, characters or any new gameplay changes, but Blizzard’s CEO Mike Morhaime said that both the quality of the expansion, and its gameplay will be a “big factor” in driving the actual schedule of the release.

On the StarCraft II side, “Heart Of The Swarm”, as it is called, features a new campaign that focuses on the Zerg race and will, of course, continue the story from the original game. The multiplayer portion is currently in closed beta testing, and features numerous new units and mechanics for the Protoss, Zerg and Terran armies.

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Source: IGN

Vlad Pintea is a writer here at Analog Addiction, and enjoys a few rounds of SC II, but gets pretty bored of loot based games like Diablo. You can contact him via e-mail at or, Skype, on My IGN, Steam or Facebook, all at the same name: vlad94pintea. Have a good day and remember! Stay calm and keep on gaming!


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