PlayStation “Master-Key” Is Leaked

Security information that makes easier for players to play pirated games online using the PlayStation 3 has been leaked.

Sony’s PlayStation 3 has a history with hackers as we all know but it’s always been quick to jump on hackers trying to break open the system until this latest attempt. This latest hack is “equivalent to stealing a master key”. The news comes as Sony hears of one of the mass lawsuits brought upon the company by a US judge has been dismissed.

This new hack means that individuals using this technique will be able to use the huge amounts of the PlayStation 3’s computing powers in “novel” ways. The USAF has networked 1,700 PS3’s to enable them to create a supercomputer. However, the hack is being seen as method of allowing the use and play of pirated games on the system.

The hackers in question responsible for the leak of the LV0 decryption keys are naming themselves “The Three Musketeers . The group has said that they released the information after it was leaked and after it fell into the hands of another group of hackers who planned to charge people who a “master-key” code. “You can be sure that if it wouldn’t have been for this leak, this key would never have seen the light of day, only the fear of our work being used to make money out of it has forced said us to release this now.” said The Three Musketeers in a statement featured on The Hacker News.

“Options Sony has in battling this leak are limited – every PS3 out there needs to be able to decrypt any firmware download package in order for the console to be updated.”. The reveal of the LV0 key basically means that any system update released by Sony going forward can be decrypted with little or no effort whatsoever.” Said Eurogamer in their article on the matter.

With past attempts to hack the console, Sony has countered such attempts with the release of firmware updates that add further security to the PlayStation 3. An unnamed source used the BBC that’s close to Sony says that doesn’t believe that this latest hack is any more of a threat to the PS3 than previous attempts.

A statement from Sony is thought to arrive soon, something Analog Addiction will be reporting on.

Source: BBC News.

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