First Dishonored DLC Announced!

Bethesda Softworks has announced the first piece of DLC for it’s most recent release Dishonored, the first person assassin game that was well received by Analog Addictions Jamie Sifontes. The first pack, Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials arrives this December and is the first of three DLC packs planned.

Dunwall City Trials will be released for £3.99 or 400 Microsoft points and will include 10 challenge maps packs that’ll test your combat, stealth, mobility and skills. The game will also track how well you do this. Players will be awaited by ten district trials that include arena matches, drop-assassination tasks and race against the clock based missions. New trophies and achievements will come with Dunwall City Trials as well as the introduction of a global leaderboard for players to compete against.

The next two pieces of Dishonored DLC will become available in 2013 and will be story driven DLC as opposed to Batman: Arkham Asylum/City-esque DLC. The focus of the second DLC pack will be the villain Daud, the leader of the group of Outsider worshipping assassins named “The Whalers”. The pack will explore new areas of Dunwall with the discovery of Daud’s own array of weapons and powers. The pack is slated for an early Spring release in 2013. As for information about the third DLC pack, we’ll get more news of that including price for both packs and what DLC number three is all about.

But whatever happens, Analog Addiction will give you all the details.

Source: Electronic Theatre.

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