Playstation Allstars Battle Royale Live Action Trailer

Sony has released three teasers over the last 5 days that have indicated a new trailer. Some speculated that it was PlayStation Allstars, some hoped it was Infamous 3 or a new Sony first party sequel. What we can tell you is, it’s a PlayStation Allstars trailer and it’s a great looking advert.

The trailer features Drake arriving at the venue and us seeing the footage we’ve been seeing from the teasers so far; the woman typing in Lombax from Ratchet and Clank, the jeeping pulling up with the language from Jak and Daxter on the license plate to the man cleaning the room filled with shell casings and that lone ice-cream cone with the man finally picking up Sweet Tooth’s sword from Twisted Metal.

We then see Nathan Drake from Uncharted walking down a hallway before cocking his pistol and then walking into a room to get attacked by Kratos from God Of War. After backing away, he’s attack and electrocuted by Cole MacGrath from Infamous who then has to duck to avoid being smashed in the face by a pretty adorable looking Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet on a jet pack. The three then see Kratos moving toward them before Drake throws a gas can at him and Sackboy and Cole shoot it, making it explode and weakening Kratos.

Kratos is weakened by the blast and is then approached by a guy holding a controller who apologises to Kratos for him getting hit but reminds him what they “did to Zeus that one time” before Kratos charges with the blade of Olympus and spreads Icarus’s wings before the release date of PlayStation Allstars 11/20/12 pops up on the screen. At the very end of the trailer, we see the receptionist walking away from a door cocking a pistol.

You can check out our coverage on the first three teasers here and here. If you’re still hungry for PlayStation Allstars related content, check out to see what you guys in the UK can pre-order at Game.

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