New FUSE Screenshots And New Gameplay Commentary

You may remember Overstrike, Insomniac’s new game from E3 2011. We had that brand new trailer with the real surprise being that it was to be on the Xbox 360 as well as the PS3 and then nothing for a year up until a few months ago where we were told that it had been renamed to FUSE and the almost cartoonish graphical look had been done away with for a more realistic and serious look.

EA’s just come out with some new screenshots for the game as well as information on when the game will be playable. But the best bit you ask? Well, that would be the 18 minute video we have with Ted Price of Insomniac games. FUSE is a Third Person Shooter with all the tellings of an Insomniac game, crazy weapons. FUSE may be a serious game but what would an Insomniac shooter be without some kind of OTT weapon?

FUSE places you in the boots of Dalton Brooks, the leader of a band of mercenaries code named Overstrike 9 hired by the United States government to investigate the sudden silence of one of it’s top secret research bases. They quickly discover that all it not well at this research base, that everything is destroyed and ransacked and many of the occupants dead. At the centre of all the trouble is this alien substance called FUSE. FUSE is an alien entity that when combined with Earthly objects, malforms them into unpredictable results. Overstrike 9 soon discovers that the base in under attack by Raven, “a rogue military group” that wants to steal the source of FUSE.

The team finds weapons combined with FUSE that allows for Insomniacs history of unique weapons to continue. The weapons help shape the team into class types in combat. An example with Brooks being the “tank” of the group with his bullet shield weapon. Another example, Izzy Sinclair (no relation) can use a weapon that can freeze and shatter enemies whilst also being able to deploy health beacons that heal your teammates. Jacob Kimble, the third member of the squad is the long range expert of the group who also has a secondary function as a trap setter. The fourth member of the group, Naya Deveraux is an ex-assassin whose weapon can allow her to turn invisible amongst other things, and then flank enemies making her the stealth class of the group.

Gameplay will feature the basics of cover shooter mechanics mixed with a story focused campaign with co-op play. As players progress through the game, they’ll earn Fuse points that allow them to level up their skill trees. Each player will be able to upgrade things like health but each character will have unique abilities to upgrade. An example being only Naya can upgrade to turn invisible. FUSE also features something called Unified Progression that will allow you to use what you gather in the campaign and use it in a game made that will be revealed later and vice versa. Co-op is a core gameplay mechanic in FUSE, something that Insomniac says will be cohesive whether you’re playing with friends or alone. When playing as a team, you’ll be able to use each others abilities to gain Fuse points. For example, using Izzy’s crystalizing feature on her weapon, you can freeze enemies to have Dalton shatter them with his shield blast, gaining points for both players. If you play together, you’re earn more points than you would if you doing it alone.FUSE will also feature an ability called Leap that will allow you to switch characters during gameplay at any point for the ultimate tactical edge.

As for when you’ll be able to play FUSE, it’ll be playable at the EA Asia Showcase this December. FUSE is set for release in March 2013 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. You’ll be able to catch more about FUSE in the coming months through Analog Addiction.

George Sinclair is an editor for Analog Addiction, the home of the latest news, reviews and previews. You can follow George on Twitter and his blog on IGN. Don’t forget to follow the OFFICIAL Analog Addiction Twitter


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