New Details on CD Projekt Red’s Futuristic Game are here!

We know the guys over at CD Projekt Red are busy with a sequel to “The Witcher” series but there is another… project, they’re working on. The name is 2077… Cyberpunk 2077. All we know for now is that the players will be taken to a “dark future” in 2077 where advanced technologies have become “both the salvation and the curse of humanity.” The game will have a non-linear story with sandbox elements, all taking place in in the metropolis of Night City. The game is still in early development but it’s happening all right!

So what do you think? Does it somehow sound familiar to Deus Ex? What do you expect? Let us know in the comment section bellow!

Source: GameSpot

Vlad Pintea isn’t really into “dark” settings when it comes to games but he’s confident that with a great gameplay, he might give those games a chance. Until then, he’s doing reviews, looking for funny stuff gaming-related, starting conversations about gaming and such and always being up to speed with the latest news and rumors concerning video games. You can contact him via e-mail at or, Skype, My IGN or on Steam, all at the same name: vlad94pintea. Have a good day and remember! Stay calm and keep on gaming!


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  1. Im actually super pumped to see what this is about, Witcher 2 looks incredible (haven’t got around to getting it, still playing the first one) so im super excited to see what they do with some Cyberpunk settings


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