Devil’s Attorney Review

Devil’s Attorney is a turn-based strategy game from 1337 Game Design for iOS and Android devices and it oozes 1980’s nostalgia. When you press the app and it starts up, you are greeted with an amazing introduction song, which really sets the tone for the game. The premise of the game is that you play as Max McMann a defense lawyer who’s “high on charm but low on moral fiber”. It’s vintage 80’s music and lyrics, like an intro for a TV show, which is one of many pop culture references made throughout the game.

Each case begins the same way with a dialogue between Max and the rival Prosecutor, each one unique for that case and on the whole these are really funny and add character to the game. When the case begins, you then choose which attacks you want to make, attacking witnesses, the evidence or the prosecutor themselves. Some take different approaches like other characters boost the damage that evidence or witnesses, so to eliminate them by eliminating what they boost. Each prosecutor is unique with their own skill which adds variety to the game the first few times you go up against each prosecutor. However, about 20 or so cases into the game it gets repetitive and drags a bit especially by then you’ll have cracked the best way in which to use your abilities to win each case. This is the only real piece of criticism that can be lodged against Devil’s Attorney but it comes more to the fore if you’re playing for a prolonged period. That being said, there are 50+ cases in the game, which is perfect if you’re commuting and want to drop in and play something to make the time pass. Furthermore, in between cases you have the opportunity to upgrade your apartment, clothes or car with the money you earn on cases. This adds a nice depth and variety, do you want to focus on a certain area such as materialism which makes your attacks more powerful as the cases get harder. The difficulty level rises at a consistent pace and gets harder as you strengthen which is how it should be.

This is the basic layout for each court case – with the court (and people) being flashier as you progress

So overall you are getting a really enjoyable game which is an absolute bargain for £1.99 or $2.99. What you get for that price, is a game full of humour and charm, it’ll make those commutes fly by or those quiet moments where you just want to have a quick blast. This is a hugely entertaining game which won’t fail to entertain you despite the repetitiveness which occurs, but its something which you should overlook and not worry about as it is a minor fault where everything else will bring you enjoyment when playing this game.

SCORE: 8.5/10

Hugh is an editor for Analog Addiction, he’s the new guy on the team writing features and reviews (like this one!). When not playing iPad or PS3 games, Hugh is bemoaning his beloved Sunderland A.F.C for every year filling him with false hope which they will snatch away from him. You can follow him on Twitter to see what impact this has had on him.


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