Have You Seen How This Mobile Game Looks?

I’m talking of course about Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. This future game for iOS and Android is coming from the talented guys over at Gameloft who also made the other games in the franchise and many many more, all designed for the mobile platforms. The game will be coming out this fall but a current date is unknown. We’ll let you know more but in the near future but in the meantime, I present you their first developer diary video:

So what do you think? I for one am very impressed with how the game looks. Sure, it’s no Battlefield 3 or Crysis but it sure looks like one of those when compared to any other games on the mobile platforms. We’ll just have to wait and see if the gameplay matches its graphics. As you probably saw at the end, there will be another developer diary, focusing on the multiplayer aspect of the game. We’ll let you know about that when it gets released. For now though, speak your minds in the comment section bellow and remember!

Stay calm and keep on gaming! Vlad Pintea out!

Source: ComputerGames, YouTube

Image: Google


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