Need For Speed Most Wanted: Multiplayer Gameplay

Today the world received a new video about the upcoming Need For Speed Most Wanted. The video focuses on the multiplayer aspect of the game and showcases some of the different modes available in online play.

The multiplayer is initiated by driving your car to the “meet up” point which then in turn begins the competition. The online multiplayer seems to be divided up into various categories consisting of races, co-op challenges, speed tests, and team races. The races and team races should be fairly self-explanatory. Races are every person for themselves, whereas team races pit two teams against one another. This is pure speculation on my part, but if I had to guess, I’d say the team races will combine the race times of the racers on each team and determine the winner by the lowest cumulative time. I think that would be a fantastic method instead of simply awarding it to the first person across the finish line, but at the same time, it means that those pesky trolls could wreak havoc in team races.

The co-op challenges require everybody to perform a specific task which, from what we just saw, seems to rely heavily on using the environment as well as your driving skills as a unit. They mention drifting challenges and near miss challenges in addition to the more prominently shown “Park Up” where everybody must get their car to one location and park.  The speed tests give players 90 seconds to outdo one another in categories such as longest drift, biggest jump, or highest speed. Of course, if you don’t have much faith in your own ability to beat a score, feel free to remove your opponents from competition with takeouts. I feel this adds an incredibly unique feel to this game mode because not only are you trying to perform a specific task, you also have to be completely aware of your surroundings. One second of not paying attention could end that run for you if you have a very opportunistic opponent or two.

Another nice addition to the multiplayer part of Most Wanted is the inclusion of unlockable content for performing certain actions. Whether it be unlocking certain license plates, cars, mods, or paint jobs, there seems to be a formidable amount of extras for completionists to chase after. We see a couple of examples of these rewards and the challenges you need to complete to earn them, and I have a feeling Criterion really had fun creating some of the challenges. Going off of a jump and landing on top of an opponent? Yup, that’s a challenge. According to the narrator, there are hundreds of challenges within this game, so if you want to unlock every item, you will definitely have your work cut out for you.

Need For Speed Most Wanted lands in North America on October 30th, Australia on November 1st, and Europe on November 2nd. Hopefully those of you who have a need for speed can hold out for another couple of weeks before getting your hands on this promising title.

Source: NFS official site

When Eric’s not busy demolishing and speeding past his competition online in NFS, he’s an editor for Analog Addiction where you can find all the latest gaming news, previews, reviews, and everything else that rhymes with those words. ‘Like’ Analog Addiction on Facebook to receive all of the updates as they’re posted.


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