Ragnarok Odyssey FINALLY has a release date!

Good News Everyone!

Well the game list for October keeps on getting bigger, another Vita game has just gotten a release date. Ragnarok Odyssey, an action-RPG being published by XSEED (bless their hearts) is coming October 30th according to the twitter feed:

XSEED may be the best publisher out there.

There have been a number of bundles announced:

The “Regular” Edition will come with the game cartridge.

The “Mercenary” Edition will come bundled with:

– 96-page color guide to the world of Ragnarok Odyssey

– Soundtrack

– 10 pack of monster cards (?)

Here is a quick trailer from GungHo and XSEED!

Source: IGN Youtube

For more information on the game, visit their main website here!

Be sure to visit Analog Addiction to see more information when it becomes¬†available, we’ll be here to report it!

Jaime is stoked for Ragnarok Odyssey, but is a little P.O.’ed. He seriously has no more money to spend on games! Follow him on twitter @RTBL1990


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