The Old Republic Terror From Beyond Trailer

Have you had enough Star Wars? Of course you haven’t. Check out this new trailer for the latest expansion to BioWare‘s The Old Republic, Terror From Beyond.

So what do you think guys? You like? If you somehow missed it, we’ve had quite a bit of Star Wars related content up in the last few days. Check out Star Wars First Assault and if you’re an Angry Birds fan and a Star Wars fan, you’ll love Angry Birds Star Wars.  And because we’re nice, have another Angry Birds Star Wars link.

Source: IGN Youtube.

George Sinclair is an editor for Analog Addiction where you can find THE BEST news, reviews and previews. I wish I could play The Old Republic but dammit, I can’t be in Colonial America AND space can I? Can I? Please? Check out our official Twitter and Facebook


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