Far Cry 3 The Tribe Citra And Dennis Trailer

Far Cry 3 just looks better and better with every video wouldn’t you say? Well I do so watch this new trailer.

This trailer just shows off more of the batcrap crazy stuff Far Cry 3 has in store for us and y’know what? This editor is excited. It’s looking more like Far Cry 1 *sheds tear*. As Far Cry 3 nears it’s December 4th release date, you can look forward to more coverage from us. In the meantime, check out the specs for the game if you’re a PC gamer, the Savages trailer and the Top Of The Food Chain trailer. Don’t worry, we have more. That’s just the tip guys.

George Sinclair is an editor at Analog Addiction where you can find all the latest news, reviews and previews. Check out our Twitter and our Facebook. And they’re official! 


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