Sony Suing Kevin Butler. Wait, What?

Kevin Butler, the “face” of Playstation for a number of years, is being sued by Sony. Or rather Kevin’s actor, Jerry Lambert is. Lambert is allegedly being sued due to breaching his contract with Sony? Why you ask? Well according to Sony, he was seen in a Bridgestone commercial practically advertising the competition, the Nintendo Wii.

Lambert has made a name for himself playing the fictional character Kevin Butler who is the “Vice President Of Everything”. The advert showed off the Wii being played by Bridgestone employees and one of said employees was Jerry Lambert himself. The fictional employees were seen enjoying the Wii and just generally having a fun old time. The commercial offers buyers a Wii if they purchase over four Bridgestone tyres. The original advert didn’t actually show Lambert playing the Wii itself but with him still engaging in the fun. Strangely, Lambert was edited completely from the advert and a new one was put up in it’s place that doesn’t feature Lambert at all. The old advert has been pulled altogether from the internet.

Sony is suing both Nintendo and Bridgestone for infringement on their trademark. Lambert is now mostly known for his work as Kevin Butler so it wouldn’t be at all surprising if this trademark was in fact Jerry Lambert. Since Lambert doesn’t alter his appearance when acting as Kevin Butler. If you didn’t know better, it would look like Kevin Butler advertising the Wii. It’s probable that Lambert’s contract would include something about not being seen advertising the competition.

The case has been attempted to be settled out of court but the attempt has not allowed it to happen so both parties will have to commit to court on the 12th of October.

Source: Kotaku, Justia.

George Sinclair is an editor for Analog Addiction where you can find all the latest news, reviews and previews. George was actually the first Kevin Butler but he was sacked after they found him with a Gameboy in his bag (not really). You can follow him on Twitter and his blog on IGN


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