Eurogamer 2012 – Metal Gear Rising Revengence

If you live in Britain, then Eurogamer is the place to be every September if you want to sample the latest games. And lets face it, you do. Well I’m no different so I checked it out representing Analog Addiction. Eurogamer is a big expo with a lot of games and some very queues, I wasn’t able to sample every game but don’t worry, I sampled some of the best. Next up is Konami’s Metal Gear Rising Revengence. 

Now this game is a weird one. It’s a great departure from what the Metal Gear series is known for, there’s no stealth, just all out action, tons of violence in an almost gratuitous fashion and swords. But strangely it still has the essence of a Metal Gear game and that’s probably due to it being over the top albeit in it’s own fashion.

However, I can say that what little time I had with the game didn’t blow me away. It was good and it’s probably an arguable purchase, it was a hack and slash game at it’s core and that’s all well and good but it got a bit samey. You have the cut at will mechanic which is a really cool feature when you get to use it. You can cut at just about any angle and skilled players will probably have fun experimenting with just what they can cut off. You have to weaken your enemy before you do it to have an effect beforehand however. Lower class types succumb to it more or less straight away but I tried it on a Gecko and Raiden merely slashed at it a few times with little effect. However, when it was weakened, I was able to use the ability to slice and dice the Gecko. It’s pretty cool to be able to take them down so easily as I spent so much time in Metal Gear Solid 4 avoiding the things. The controls were interesting as you’ll have to be skillful when fighting some enemies. You won’t just be able to batter them with your sword but more on that in the interview.

The environmental textures left something to be desired. I have no doubt that the final product will look great but that whole “video game South America” look of yellow and brown discolouration. Yeah, you know what I mean. The graphics looked very sharp however, Raiden is highly detailed as well as the enemies. With Metal Gear Rising being as crazy as it is, it’s a wonder as to how the framerate can keep up. Just be glad it does because a lot goes on in Metal Gear Rising.

Like many demos, I ambushed, I mean caught up with someone playing the demo and asked them about they own experience with the demo. I interview James Crossly about what he thought of Metal Gear Rising…

James: “It was good fun. It’s not your normal Metal Gear Solid but it’s new and different. I played it twice and I enjoyed it. I liked the fact that there’s no set lock on button. You have to time your parry’s and stop yourself from getting hit. I quite like the idea, we’ll see how they put it into the rest of the game. It look me a while to get used to play it but then again it’s like any other game demo”.

“If I had never heard of Metal Gear Rising and despite how it feels, I was able to sneak past a bunch of enemies and it feels like Metal Gear Solid. There’s still far too much talking and CODEC scenes haha. I’ll definitely pick it up but maybe not day one. You can sneak up on the guards far too easily and it’s like they can’t hear so maybe they could give some improvements to the AI but it is still a while until it comes out”.

So let us know at Analog Addiction if you were able to play it at Eurogamer this year and what you thought of it. As usual, my thanks go out to the interviewee for allowing to take a few minutes of your time.

George Sinclair is an editor for Analog Addiction where you can find all the latest news, reviews and previews. When George isn’t covering himself in mud and lying in his back garden pretending to be Big Boss he can be found on Twitter and IGN


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