Retro City Rampage Release Date

Retro City Rampage developer VBlank announced a North American release date for their new, nostalgia fuelled, 8 bit romp. Retro City Rampage is going to hit the Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and PC on the 9th of October. The European versions for the Vita and the PS3 will come later this month with the Xbox 360 and WiiWare versions coming later this year.

Retro City Rampage will fully be supporting Sony’s Crossbuy feature that allows you to buy it on the PS3 and you’ll the Vita version for free. If you recall, Retro City Rampage was slated for release this May but was pushed back for reasons unknown. But we can blame IGN’s Greg Miller for that mistake (just joking Greg, I love you really). Retro City Rampage takes everything great from the 1980’s and rams all the different types of retro games into one. Check out Analog Addiction for more in the coming weeks.

Source: Gameinformer.

George Sinclair is an editor for Analog Addiction where you can find all the latest news, reviews and previews. You can bet that George will be playing the heck out of Retro City Rampage when it hits Europe. Follow George on Twitter and IGN for more! 


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