Assassin’s Creed III: Connor’s Story US Trailer Censored… Ummm, Why???

Well now… It looks like the new awesome trailer describing us a bit of Connor’s story didn’t quite hit all the right notes with some guys over in the U.S.A. They seem to be quite offended with the fact that our hero also kills American soldiers and as a result they censored all the respective parts.

Here’s the full trailer:

Now here’s the US version. The “offensive” part is cut out at the 2:09 mark:

So what do you guys think?

My take on this news: *sigh*… I feel like doing a full rant on how stupid this is. So what? Is it REALLY that offensive? So by this logic here, the UK  should just ban the entire game because 90% of the soldiers we kill are english. Someone really needs to get his head out of… you know where. As someone in the YouTube comments perfectly said: “A trailer about freedom. . . that was edited and censored. . .” Yeah, seems legit all right… As always…

Stay calm and keep on gaming! Vlad Pintea out!

Source: ComputerGames, VG247


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  1. The whole USA trailer is very poorly designed, the music doesn’t fit, the words that Connor says near the start where he’s fighting the red coats just sounds horrible. I mean really, Americans are happy to kill Japanese, Russian, Koreian, English all day in games like Call of Duty but when it comes to them they have a sook about it ‘Oh no their killing us in a video game! This is outrageous’ why don’t they grow a pair and get over the fact, they say there against racism but I would say their attitude as racist if not borderline racist.


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