Ultra Cool Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC Announced

If you thought Assassin’s Creed 3, set in Colonial America playing as a Native American assassin alongside some of the biggest names in the history books, was cool, then get a load of the new DLC Ubisoft has just announced for the next Assassin romp. Named The Tyranny Of King Washington, this new single player DLC places us in an alternate history America where George Washington is now the self imposed king of America. The DLC will arrive in various downloadable packages so it’s bound to be a substantial DLC.

“Driven by the desire to secure the fate of the colonies, the greatest hero of the revolution, George Washington, succumbs to the temptation of infinite power. The new King is born and his reign leaves no one untouched. To return freedom to the land our new hero must dethrone a tyrant he once called friend.”

Ubisoft announced yesterday that to play Assassin’s Creed 3 to download additional content early, you’ll need a Season Pass that’ll cost you $29.99 on PC and PS3 and 2400 Microsoft points. The DLC will be set over the course of three downloadable packs for the Tyranny Of King Washington. The Season Pass according to Ubisoft will cover five DLC packs in total including two more packs with multiplayer content and players will be able to save 25% of what they would be spending if they bought the packs individually. Owners of the Season Pass will get content before everyone else without the Season Pass.

“While Assassin’s Creed III concentrates on history as it happens, we wanted to take some liberties with this DLC and tell you how things ‘could have happened.” Said Ubisoft Executive Producer Sebastian Puel in a press release. This piece of DLC is extremely interesting as why Assassin’s Creed  has always been fictional, it’s never delved into alternate history, especially not as interesting as the Tyranny Of King Washington.

The pack will be coming to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 will Ubisoft confirming that it’ll be coming to Nintendo’s new Wii U console at a later date. For more on Assassin’s Creed 3, check out our hands on time with the game and stay tuned to Analog Addiction for more Assassin’s Creed news as it comes.

Source: IGN.

George Sinclair is an editor for Analog Addiction where you can find all the latest reviews, previews and news. George is currently jumping up and down in excitement for this DLC as he loves Assassin’s Creed and he loves alternate history. So win/win for him. Follow George on Twitter and his blog on IGN


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